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Date: 10th October 2019 | By: admin

If you haven’t been to visit us at Hear in Hagley or Hear in Rubery yet, please pop in for a hot drink and a chat with us if you are passing.

Often, ear wax is the only reason someone is suffering from hearing loss. This can be removed easily and gently using a choice of methods usually without the need for prolonged treatment with olive oil.

What is ear wax?
Ear wax is nature’s own way of cleaning the ears. It is produced by cerumen glands in the ear canal. It cleans and lubricates, stopping dirt and debris reaching deep inside the ear. Occasionally, the ear can become blocked, and the wax should then only be removed professionally with care.

Cleaning your ears
There is really no need to try and clean inside the ear and the use of cotton buds should be avoided. Cotton buds will usually make the build-up worse as most of the wax is pushed further into the ear. As the saying goes – you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear! Olive oil will help to soften the wax and help prepare it for removal but isn’t always necessary.

Ear wax removal
At Hear in Hagley we are professionally trained in all aspects of ear wax removal including;

  • Microsuction
    This is our preferred method of wax removal where we use a small vacuum to gently remove the wax without the need for syringing. We use powerful magnifying headset (loupes) to enable us to see the ear canal clearly as we remove the wax. This procedure is safe and the client feels relaxed, the results are instant!
  • Syringing or irrigation
    This is a more traditional method using water at body temperature that is gently ‘pulsed’ into the canal to remove the wax.
  • Extraction
    Here we use a variety of fine, specially designed tools to safely remove the wax. We are able to see the ear canal through the loupes as we go.

Our client experience
“Jo explained the procedure clearly and put me at my ease. I didn’t feel rushed and Jo was able to show me the ‘before and after’ results using a camera that put the images of my ears on the big screen! The chair was lovely and comfortable, my hearing was instantly improved! – Jackie”

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