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Headphones & Hearing Aids

Headphones & Hearing Aids

Date: 14th August 2020 | By: admin

For some hearing aid wearers, it can be difficult to find compatible headphones to enable them to listen to music if their hearing aids do not support Bluetooth capabilities. These Bluetooth capabilities, available in some of the more modern hearing aids (available at Hear in Hagley) will allow the wearer to connect to their phone, tablet or music device via Bluetooth and then hear directly through the hearing aids themselves. This is the case for phone calls, music and much more which can make modern life so much easier and more convenient.

We have a great range of hearing aids both in the ear and behind the ear that have direct Bluetooth connectivity – no wires or plugs. They sound great and give greater flexibility than trying to adjust headphones to suit

One of the main issues when trying to find headphones ‘off the shelf’ to be used with hearing aids, is the extra ‘kit’ you may need and how comfortable you can get them to be on your ears. Often if the headphones don’t sit properly, they can be uncomfortable or make it difficult for the hearing aids to work at all. This can sometimes result in annoying feedback (whistling) when the headphones sit too close to the microphones on the hearing aids. The hearing aids available from us at Hear in Hagley have the very latest technology with wonderful feedback managers to help eliminate feedback during normal day to day use and even when wearing headphones if they are appropriate for the type of hearing solution you are wearing.

We all know that prolonged exposure to noise can call damage to our hearing which makes it important to listen wisely and control the volume and frequency (how often) of what we are listening to. It is safe to use headphones with your hearing aids but it is a good idea to seek advice from an Audiologist such as Jo at Hear in Hagley first. Jo has vast experience with all accessories that can be used with hearing aids so may be able to advise you accordingly. You can take a look at our SERVICES page on here or call us to talk through your options with ease.

The type of hearing aids you have can also be a consideration when deciding if you can use headphones or not. Some people have the Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids or Receiver in the Canal hearing aids (RIC) which means that sometimes using a headphone type device can make fit and comfort an issue.

Clients who wear In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids may find that they have a few more options available to them. From our research, the most options seem to be available to wearers of Invisible in the canal (IIC) devices as these sit deeper in the ear canal. Again, you can take a look at our SERVICES page on here or call us for more information.

You may find you prefer to take you hearing aids out and use the volume on a louder setting but this will depend on your personal preference, lifestyle and hearing loss. All of this is down to personal preference and lifestyle choices which is what we focus on here at Hear in Hagley.

Another thing to remember is you get what you pay for and generally the more expensive headphones and similar devices have a greater level of research put in to them and along with that, better safety levels.

The best solution is to speak to Jo and the team and they will advise you accordingly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!