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The importance of regular hearing checks

The importance of regular hearing checks

Date: 27th October 2020 | By: admin

At some point in our lives we have all experienced difficulty with hearing other people, especially in noisy social situations. For some of us this can affect our quality of life and therefore also the important moments that matter to us and make our life special.

In order to live life to the full we need to ensure that our senses are well looked after where possible.

As we get older our hearing can deteriorate and this is a process misunderstood by many. Once you have noticed your hearing has changed and you are perhaps turning the volume up on the TV or adding in subtitles more often than you were it is important to get expert advice. There are simple and effective ways to improve your hearing if you take action sooner rather than later.

A fully qualified and experienced Audiologist will ensure that you have regular hearing checks to make sure that your lifestyle and quality of life is not affected day to day.

There are three main reasons it is important to have regular hearing checks.

1. You will improve your quality of life from day one

Taking action and improving your hearing through hearing aids can take the strain off relationships and ensure that you can engage in social situations without a hitch. Struggling to hear in a noisy environment can cause people to step back and be less involved in every day life so using hearing aids and hearing better in social situations can take the pressure off everybody all round. If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding or an important meeting hearing aids can vastly improve your experience on the day and ensure that you remain part of the conversation.

2. You will be investing in your future

Hearing technology today, is excellent. The technology available for your ears is far too superior to that that you may have seen in the past or remember from your younger years. Now you can have discreet, digital, clever latest technology hearing aids that don’t hinder your every day life in fact they improve it. If you can change your mindset to view your hearing as an investment in your future you will start to prioritise your health the relationships around you and your social active life.

3. You will be less tired and happier

When you are struggling to hear it can be tiring and give you headaches or similar symptoms. You may not realise how hard you have to work to hear someone in a social situation when it is noisy. Many people start to shy away from social situations so as not to appear like they are struggling to hear when actually it is very simple to get help and improve your hearing straightaway. When you are less tired and not having to work so hard to hear in every situation, we find that people are far happier with their lives in general and can continue building memories with loved ones with ease.

When you start to look for support on your hearing journey make sure you choose the correct professional for your lifestyle and someone who prioritises the outcomes of your hearing care. If you are visiting a retail chain on the High Street make sure that regular hearing checks are included in the after-care they offer. It can also be important to check the warranty given with the hearing technology you choose for example at here in Hagley we offer a five and a three year warranty but some of the retail stores will offer less.

For 6 monthly, regular hearing checks and up to 5 year warranties on hearing technology, contact us today.

To find out if your hearing loss is just wax or to get your FREE hearing test, contact Cath or Diane at our Hagley branch on 01562 884400

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