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Date: 18th January 2021 | By: admin

We are all trying to make the most of our lives and remember that feeling of youth and freedom where possible. With the current pandemic, it can be difficult to remember what life is really about sometimes and how we can find joy in the little things.

As we age, our bodies and mindset change and adapt based on circumstances and general daily life. Some people see the ageing process as something negative, associating it with cognitive decline and a general slowing down of life.

At Hear in Hagley we believe that this does not need to apply to your hearing and we have the evidence to show you why.

Yes, we are all going to age physically but that does not mean that you have to slow down your enjoyment in life, quite the opposite! Hearing aids are not a sign of weakness, old-age or decline! In fact, our evidence shows that hearing aids can allow you to live your life to the full, as you wish and people will actually compliment you on the fact that you remain part of the conversation and don’t act like you struggle to hear in a busy environment.

Now, we can’t give you new ears but what we can give you is a new outlook on life and a pleasure and joy found in every day moments again. If your hearing has declined over time you have probably found that you have lost some of the joy in your everyday activities. For example, listening to music, watching the television at a volume that is suitable for others in the room and hearing the birds sing when you go out walking or open a window in your home.

Hearing children can be particularly challenging along with hearing speech in background noise. These are all perfectly normal environments to struggle to hear in but there are solutions available to you that allow you to revive your hearing again and hear much better. We cannot provide miracles as we said but we can give you a wonderful quality of life if you work with us over time.

You have to remember that if your hearing has declined over a number of years your brain needs to re-learn how to work with two good signal inputs again. We are born with two ears for a reason and therefore most people have a pair of hearing aids to allow them to localise sound correctly i.e., where a reversing bus is coming from for example.

There is so much technical and clinical advice that is needed from a hearing care professional such as Jo who is the Director here at Hear in Hagley, to allow you to select the correct technology and have the most precise fitting possible for your hearing aids. It is imperative if you select somebody like us at Hear in Hagley, that you make the most of your hearing so that you can continue to live your life as you want to.

Hearing devices these days are extremely discreet when your hearing loss allows it, obviously the longer you leave it to take action, the larger the hearing aid may need to be to meet your needs.

You can select your colour to match your skin tone or hair and select a specific form factor or custom style that suits your lifestyle. Hearing devices and solutions can hear and adapt to the environment that you are in these days, for example in the car when people speak behind you. When in the car, the devices are intelligent enough to know what engine noise sounds like and prioritise the speech instead. They can be connected to an invisible web of external solutions to allow you to hear your phone and television throughout your household. They can adapt to the way you move and certain models have very clever technology in that allows you to tap the hearing aids to create a command or detect if you have had a fall. The technology now is incredible and certainly not what it used to be in the past.

Our selection of latest technology, discreet hearing aids can keep you young by allowing you to remain part of the conversation, hear things around you that you wish to hear, keep your relationships strong, allow you to be active and stay cognitively aware of everything around you. You can have all this and choose a style that will make it really easy to wear a mask or face covering too.

If you would like to stay young and hear better this year please get in touch with our friendly team at Hear in Hagley. We have everything you need and more, we offer wax removal and hearing tests using all of the latest equipment in a light and airy clinic where your safety is always put first.