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Date: 24th February 2021 | By: admin

At Hear in Hagley we are focused on our client outcomes and their overall lifestyle, not just what is happening with their hearing.

This is what makes us incredibly different to any of the retail and high street providers. Every person in our team has been carefully selected (and COVID vaccinated by the way), to always be patient and client centred.

This means that rather than looking at just a hearing prescription, we look at the person as a whole. Ultimately this means that you, the client, get the best possible outcome for your hearing and lifestyle overall so that you can live your life as you wish to.

We speak to our clients on a regular basis and also offer them hearing reviews every six months which is something that a lot of high street stores are now not offering as part of a commitment to ongoing care.

These checks are integral to further changes in your hearing and especially during the pandemic, these allow you to hear better in the home and in challenging environments whilst also staying connected to your friends, family and loved ones.

Our client centric attitude means that your hearing journey is far more straightforward with us because you are not being dictated to or sold to.

The whole process is a relationship between you as the client and our professional team.

From start to finish you will feel at ease, safe and in expert hands because we have everything in place to make your hearing journey something that is absolutely life changing

We thought it would be a good time to share some of our client’s thoughts when they initially came into see us. These are things that our clients were thinking before they started their hearing care with us and before they had been provided with the right hearing aids for THEM.

We have also included some comments from people who have started the hearing solution journey with us and noted what they remember from the process.

These are important to be aware of, if you are thinking of finding a hearing solution because this is a long-term journey that will keep you connected to the world, it is not just about a quick fix.

We will work together on an ongoing basis to make sure that your hearing allows you to remain part of the conversation and never hold you back ever again.

“I had forgotten what I was missing without full hearing”
Your hearing changes over time and you gradually adapt to not hearing as well as you used to, by developing coping mechanisms and reframing the way things sound. When we start to give you two good signals from your ears to your brain again, the reintroduction of some sounds can be a real contrast to what you have been used to.

This is all perfectly normal though and being reminded of all of the rich sounds of life can be uplifting and utterly lifechanging for you and those around you.

“It reconnected me to my loved ones”
It can be just as frustrating for those around you as it can be for you sometimes, when you are struggling to hear at your best. Connection to others, now more than ever before, is so incredibly important. The need to speak on the phone, hear the television and radio and communicate at a distance all require you to prioritise your hearing health care.

“It took some time to get used to the hearing aids but it was so worth it”
When you first get your hearing solution from us, it takes a period of acclimatisation for you to hear at your full capacity. We will guide you through this and you will find that you will be less fatigued and be able to get on with your daily life. Some people adapt faster than others but the important thing is to remember to be patient and trust us as the specialists – we will get you to where you need to be from every aspect.

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get my hearing solution!”
We hear this one all the time! People catastrophise and over think health related issues when in reality, we deal with this every single day and its often incredibly straight forward when you choose to work with us.
Your hearing loss is often progressive so the sooner you take action and find a solution, the more hearing you are likely to have for us to work with. Taking early action can give you the best chance of having better hearing for longer.

If you would like to stay young and hear better this year please get in touch with our friendly team at Hear in Hagley. We have everything you need and more, we offer wax removal and hearing tests using all of the latest equipment in a light and airy clinic where your safety is always put first.