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Date: 22nd March 2021 | By: admin

Have you often sat there with the television turned up and wondered why you can’t hear it very well when you used to cope just fine?

Have you struggled to hear on the phone whilst you have been at home more and become frustrated?

Have you found that subtitles on the television help more than they used to?

Have you started to realise how many times you say pardon or fill in the blanks in conversations, sometimes incorrectly?

We have all done it, so you shouldn’t feel bad, these are all signs that our hearing is changing over time and it is actually very normal as we progress through life. Changes to your hearing are just part of the privilege of being alive so we should embrace them and see them as part of our quality of life. These changes don’t need to be detrimental to the way we would like to live our day-to-day lives either, in fact, quite the opposite.

As part of our daily routine and our communication with others, it is often essential to prioritise methods of communication in order to stay connected and feel happy. If you are lucky enough to have your hearing as a sense, it is important to prioritise it and make the most of it. Here at Hear in Hagley, we deal with patients every single day who are experiencing changes to their hearing. The very fact that they are sat in front of us is incredibly empowering because it means they have made the decision to start or continue their hearing journey. On top of this, they have made an informed and educated decision to come to a highly qualified professional to seek advice.

When you are looking to get yourself in top condition and you prioritise good hearing care, you can look forward to an improved quality of life, lower cognitive decline and less fatigue. Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel a little less tired sometimes and have to concentrate on daily activities less?

It is important to remember that you do not have to have any prior knowledge of your hearing or hearing aids before coming to see a professional – that is what we are here for! It can be a minefield out there with online hearing prices, the high street stores and finding a starting point to get better hearing as soon as possible. We are fully equipped to advise you in an unbiased and independent way on the best route for your hearing care.

Jo and the team will never recommend a hearing solution for you if we do not feel it is appropriate for you or your lifestyle. Excellent hearing care is not about the hearing aid on its own, it is about how you wish to live your life and your needs not just about the technology that sits on or in your ears.

As an independent, family owned business we have every single option available to you from every hearing solution manufacturer but the start of all of this begins with you, your lifestyle and your needs which we always prioritise.

If you would like to discover more about how you can hear better outdoors but more importantly at the moment, in your home please get in touch we would love to have a friendly chat with you about how you can move forward and hear better today.