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Date: 21st April 2021 | By: admin

Here is a shining example of one of our real clients who experienced life changing hearing care from our team. You can read more of our reviews throughout our website or please get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

What was your hearing like before you decided to seek expert advice from Jo at Hear in Hagley?

“Before being referred to Jo, I struggled to hear on a daily basis especially on the phone. Face to face interactions were difficult but I became comfortable with lip reading and am extremely good at it.

Due to the recent pandemic and masks being worn, lip reading then became difficult, so I struggled even more so recently. More often than not, people were polite if I missed something and would repeat themselves instantly and clearly, but on occasions when people were not, I can only describe it as a gut wrenching feeling when you cannot hear and someone is visually irritated to have to repeat themselves. It affected my confidence and social interaction. It can also make you feel excluded although that is not anyone’s intention.”

How did this make you feel?

“Being deaf at such a young age is emotionally draining. Sometimes it feels as though people are in disbelief because of your age or job or what you look like. They have difficulty understanding how it feels to have a disability out of your control.

Due to embarrassment during social interactions, I held back. Fear of misunderstanding the topic and saying something silly. It affects confidence and relationships daily.”

How did you feel about background noise and conversations prior to visiting Jo at Hear in Hagley?

“It’s exhausting and it was hard. I could only use the phone in public areas with hands free connected. I also work full time on a busy ward as I’m a Nursing Associate. Patient handover is usually taken in a quiet environment, but anything can happen in a hospital setting. Therefore, sometimes background noise affected my ability to hear and I would have to ask for repeats to clarify information.”

What made you choose Hear in Hagley for your hearing care support?

“I was referred by a friend who said they knew a good Audiologist called Jo. She gave me a card and explained how lovely she is, so I took the chance even though I knew I could not really afford private care. I am a single parent currently studying a full-time degree. But at this stage and feeling exhausted with it I gave Jo a call.”

What were your first impressions on your visit to Hear in Hagley?

“When I arrived at Hear in Hagley I was greeted by Jo and Diane. They we so friendly and welcoming. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. Demonstrating understanding and compassion with their kind communication skills, I didn’t have to ask for repeats. Also, very clean and professional they followed all government guidelines regarding coronavirus. I felt in safe hands.”

What would you say made you the happiest about working with Jo?

“Jo is very easy to talk to. She has immaculate communication skills, even with the hard of hearing such as me.

She made me feel comfortable with kindness and I felt she empowered me due to sharing her knowledge. She is very professional and due to her friendliness, I felt like I had known her years. Her confidence made me feel confident and safe with the care provided.

I have had hearing tests in the past from high street retailers but no empathy or kindness was shown. Neither was any advice or guidance given on what to do next. So, I felt lost, falling through the net. I feel like meeting Jo was life changing and has been emotional for me.

She was very clear when explaining the assessment process. Showing empathy and compassion throughout she also demonstrated exactly how she was going to help, and we can improve my hearing immediately. Her service is compassionate also efficient and effective.”

What has changed and what have you achieved since visiting Hear in Hagley?

“On leaving with my new hearing aids only one week later, it was extremely overwhelming. Stepping outside of Hear in Hagley I could hear passer by conversations and I could hear beyond people’s masks without trying, and tears fell from my eyes immediately I sobbed like a baby walking to my car.

I drove home quite emotional listening to some of my favourite music. I headed for the park straight away and I stood and listened to the birds. A huge sigh of relief came over me, the past few years have been hard and draining feeling lost but I was also very emotional at the fact I didn’t realise how deaf I was. Doing very well in my GSCE’s and A/Levels I didn’t realise how much my hearing was deteriorating in my 20’s until recent lectures at University.

I didn’t realise all the beautiful sounds I missed out on. When I arrived home. I heard my cat meow loudly for the first time. That made me laugh and cry at the same time. But the most amazing and difficult moment was picking up my daughter from school that day. I heard her sweet voice so clearly say “Hi Mommy” and it made me cry.

My daughter no longer must repeat herself and I feel like we can enjoy family time such as reading and games better as I have super mommy hearing. The hearing aids are so powerful I can hear patients call me from the next room on a busy ward and I don’t miss anything during telephone conversation. I also join in social interactions more it has boosted my confidence. They are so advanced my mobile phone is connected to the aids. Jo has helped me immensely both personally and professionally. She really changed my life for the better and I’ll never forget how she has treated me. “

What has exceeded your expectations since working with Hear in Hagley?

“The standard of care and professionalism. I would recommend Jo to anyone I come across in need of this service without hesitation.”

What about the business surprised you the most?

“How friendly and compassionate they are due to experience with the high street retailer I tried. They exceeded my expectations in every way. Also, the level of kindness and empathy shown was impacting on me and my family when I described experience with Jo to others. Hear in Hagley is highly effective and efficient and compassionate.”

What is the main reason you would recommend Hear in Hagley to others?

“Jo is extremely professional demonstrating understanding and expert knowledge but also very compassionate. I felt confident and safe with Jo’s service. I’ll forever be grateful, and I’m deeply overwhelmed with her kindness. She’s one of a kind.”

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