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Date: 18th June 2021 | By: admin

We are so excited to speak to you this month as we have had so much going on lately! At all of our clinics, we are prioritising our client centred care and make sure that we are staying true to our values by helping people hear better every single day.

Jo, who is the Audiologist and Director here at Hear in Hagley, has been working her socks off to make sure that she can expand the success of Hear in Hagley to other areas geographically, to support other clients who are in great need of life changing hearing care.

You may already know that Jo has always been keen to expand the business over time, to make sure that no one has to settle for inadequate hearing care.

This is the reason for now expanding the suite of clinics we have and opening Hear in Wombourne too, which is now in full operation and run by daughter, Sophie Miller, who has an extremely strong audiology and training background with exactly the same ethos as Jo and the rest of the team.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jo has also invested back into the hearing care profession in general and along with Sophie and another audiology expert, Chris Cartwright, has built a training academy for hearing care professionals to broaden the scope of their professional development.

There are so many people out there who state that they offer earwax removal for clients but some are not qualified (or have had no formal training), they do not have the experience or they do not have the equipment. Through bespoke training, Chris, Sophie and Jo are determined to build a better hearing care profession through delivering professional development that ultimately benefits clients and members of the public who just want to be able to hear better, for longer.

The whole approach of Jo and the team from the beautiful foundation that was created at Hear in Hagley, is destined for success because it is focused on the people that matter, you, their clients.

We will shortly be launching the website for The Audiology Academy, which is also based in a dedicated training room above Hear in Wombourne and we will announce this on here soon for hearing care professionals.

We would love you to come and see our family run clinics and find out more about booking your earwax removal appointment or hearing test.

Please do not worry about hearing well again, Jo and Sophie have everything you need to live your life to the full so please get in touch using the contact details below. If you speak to Cath or Diane at our Hagley clinic, they will be happy to help help you. If you call our Wombourne clinic, you will speak with Sophie or Wendy who very much look forward to your call.

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