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Can you Hear the Autumn Leaves Under Your Feet

Can you Hear the Autumn Leaves Under Your Feet

Date: 21st August 2021 | By: admin

Listening to the sounds of nature are part of everyday life for people with good hearing. Every season has different sounds and which ones people choose to hear is down to personal preference.

From our patient feedback we have found that in autumn, patients say that before they had hearing aids they thought the leaves under their feet when they were walking, didn’t crackle anymore. Another common bit of feedback we get is that the birds don’t sing any more or also that people on television mumble a lot.

In Autumn and now we can see more people face to face, hearing small children’s voices and sharing special moments seems to be of a priority with our patients.

Music also plays a key part in seasonal sound variations as outdoor concerts can be very popular to.

It is this research, that has led us to make sure to make sure that we use these to drive our passion to help people here better every single day.

It doesn’t matter which one of our clinics you visit you will get the same service and aftercare from every single member of our team. If you visit our Wombourne Clinic you will see Wendy and Sophie and if you visit Hagley you will see Jo, Cath, Diane or Julia. Sometimes even all of them together!

We are all dedicated and passionate about helping people hear the sounds they thought they would never hear again. To a ‘normal’ hearing person, struggling to hear some sounds may seem trivial but to someone who can’t hear them anymore they can make a huge difference to everyday life. The sounds help to make life a little brighter and more interesting and help us to enjoy both outdoors and indoors, especially with others.

During the autumn you might find yourself starting to wrap up in warmer clothes a little more. If you already wear hearing aids or are thinking of getting some so that you can hear better, we have certain hearing aids that you will find it much easier to wear cosy clothing with especially hats. The hearing aids are often classed as invisible or custom and made to measure.

During the autumn and winter months you might be on a lovely walk one crisp morning and want to hear all of the sounds of nature or the person next to you or your dog. There are lots of very technical features in the hearing aids that we offer that are fully designed to cope with things like wind noise and speech in background noise so that you can fully converse with the people who are around you and stay connected to the world.

If there is a particular sound that you would like to hear better or you are concerned over your hearing, please get in touch as we can help you hear the birds sing again and hear the autumn leaves crackle under your feet.

If you are concerned about your hearing, it is possible that it might just be earwax and we can help you hear better again very quickly. If you have a hearing test and your audiogram shows that you would benefit from hearing aids, we have all of the latest digital technology available, state-of-the-art equipment, light and airy clinics and dedicated parking right outside our doors.

Let us help you enjoy the sound of every season and get you hearing well again so you can maximise your life.

Contact us today to book your ear wax removal appointment or hearing test.