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3 Tips When Investing in Hearing Aids to Improve your Hearing

3 Tips When Investing in Hearing Aids to Improve your Hearing

Date: 5th October 2021 | By: admin

If you have started to look for hearing aids or already have them, you will know there is a lot of information out there to be found. Some of it reliable, some not.  You may have heard stories from your friends or been given information from family members as they have noticed changes to your hearing but still not know where to turn for advice. So we have put together 3 tips when investing in hearing aids to improve your hearing

When you decide to invest in a hearing solution, it is important to find a reliable professional that will make sure that you are not just being ‘sold to’ and will look after you throughout your hearing care journey.  It is vital that you get to know and trust your hearing care professional and that they are fully qualified like the Audiologists at Hear in Hagley, Hear in Rubery and Hear in Wombourne.

Here are 3 tips when investing in hearing aids to improve your hearing you need to keep in mind when you go ahead and invest in hearing aids and these are detailed below by one of our experts so that you are better informed and feel happier to move forward with your fantastic hearing journey whilst improving your everyday life.

Be patient.

This is an investment in your hearing health and the future of ‘your ears’ therefore you should take time to make sure that the decision you make is well informed and fits with your reality.
You should not feel pressured into making a decision. Your qualified clinical professionals will advise you on an audiological basis and adapt the technology they recommend based on your lifestyle preferences. We pride ourselves on this in all of our clinics.

Private hearing care professionals will likely choose technology from any one of the six big hearing aid manufacturers and unlike the high street retail chain stores, they are not tied to any of these so can choose whatever is right for the patient sat in front of them.

When you decide to invest in hearing aids, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a quick fix, and for many people it can take a period of weeks or months for your brain to get used to hearing in this new way as it is likely that you have lost your hearing over a substantial period of time. Therefore, be patient with yourself and understand that it will take a while for you to hear sounds the way they are meant to be heard again and of course, we can’t give you new ears but we can improve your quality of listening life through better hearing.  We would advise that you get help from Hearing Link Services, a hearing loss charity.

Manage your expectations.

As we have said we cannot give you new ears but we can change the quality of your listening life. Many of our clients comment that doing something about their hearing, finally, was the best thing that they ever did and they don’t understand why they waited so long as it made such a difference.

Investing in your hearing is an important decision. Hearing aids have lots of features that will help you in a range of situations and enhance your life every day.

Your audiology professional can advise you on all of the technology and help you make a decision so please don’t worry that you will make mistake. If your audiological results and lifestyle are taken into account together and you choose the right professional (we hope it’s us!), they will work with you to get you hearing the best you can.

Involve others.

Although you may feel you are on your hearing journey on your own, you are often not.  Losing your hearing over time or even suddenly affects others around you as they have to adapt the approach to ensure that you hear them better as communication is so important to our everyday lives.

When you notice changes to your hearing it can be frustrating for others so although this may start discussions or arguments, it is important to work through this with others in your household and your family so that you can all go on the same journey together. Actually, when you involve others, it can be far more progressive and you will hear better faster, feel less stressed and less fatigued.

If you are patient, manage your expectations and involve others we have seen dramatic improvements in our clients and changes to their hearing for the better.

We have everything you need to hear better today so please get in touch for a hearing test or even for a clean and check of your existing hearing aid if you already have them.