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If you need wax removal, you’ve come to the right place

If you need wax removal, you’ve come to the right place

Date: 16th June 2022 | By: admin

There are so many places offering ear wax removal these days and it can be difficult to know who to choose. Our clinics are dedicated to hearing care, your ears are in safe hands!

At Hear in Hagley, Wombourne and Rubery , we pride ourselves on the quality of service you will receive and the professionalism of our clinical team.

We use the latest equipment to ensure the procedure is performed safely and you are able to see the results for yourselves using a special camera.

What happens in the appointment?

  • We will recommend using olive oil or EAROL* to gently soften the wax for 48hrs prior to your appointment.
  • After taking a brief medical history, we will examine your ears using both an otoscope and a camera. This will help us decide on the best removal method
  • We offer 3 methods of wax removal – microsuction, irrigation or instrumentation. Sometimes we may use all 3!
  • Once the ears are clear we will show you the results with our camera so you can see the difference
  • The best time to have your hearing checked is when you are wax free so we will perform a short, baseline check of your hearing
  • Once we have discussed the results with you, we can advise on future management

Occasionally we may need you to return for a 2nd visit if the wax is a little stubborn. There’s no additional charge for this return trip.

*you can purchase Earol from us. It is also available from most chemists.

Prices and booking

  • Price – the cost is £70 for the appointment
  • Booking appointments – you can book online but if there are no appointments available to suit, please call your local ‘Hear In’ clinic. We may be able to help or put you on a cancellation list
  • Our Hear in Wombourne clinic is a training practice attached to our Audiology Academy where we train qualified hearing professionals from all over the UK in wax removal under strict supervision. We offer wax removal in these supervised sessions for just £45

If you want to have your ears cleared professionally by the experts then please get in touch. We will be happy to help!