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FREE Hearing Assessments

We offer FREE hearing assessments at all of our hearing clinics carried out by one of our experienced, professional audiologists. We perform a number of tests to accurately assess your level of hearing and also the health of your ears. It’s important that you feel comfortable, able to talk through each step, be a part of your own hearing care journey
  • Step 1
    It's important that we get to know you and understand a little about your medical history. We will also discuss your personal listening needs based on your lifestyle. This will be key in the decision making should you require hearing aids
  • Step 2
    A thorough clinical examination of your ears will be carried out and we can even show you the inside of your own ears using our video otoscope. A series of tests will allow us to accurately measure any hearing loss you may have and help us to establish how we might help you
  • Step 3
    We will discuss the results with you and help you to understand why you may be struggling in certain situations. We know from experience that the more you understand the more satisfied you will be with the outcome of any decisions we make together about your future care
  • Step 4
    We often find that there are 3 likely scenarios following an assessment

    1) You may have normal hearing or just a very mild loss that we can monitor for you in the future. Great news!

    2) We may feel a need to refer you to your GP. A full report will be provided for you to take with you or we can even email it to your doctor directly

    3) Your hearing loss is significant and would benefit from hearing aids. Great news - WE CAN HELP! We will discuss the options with you and you can even try some of the latest hearing aids whilst in clinic and hear the difference for yourself

    We are more than happy for a family member or close friend to accompany you to this appointment and be involved in your hearingcare journey

    *A copy of your assessment can be emailed to your GP upon request, free of charge.
    Please note that if you wish to take a copy of your assessment there will be a charge of £100. This will of course be deducted from the cost of any hearing aids purchased.

Hearing Aids

Choosing the right Hearing Aid for you can be quite an overwhelming experience. There’s often so much choice for both style and technology!

Our Audiologists are here to keep the whole process as simple as possible. We will ask you plenty of questions about your lifestyle to ensure our recommendation not only meets your Hearing Loss, but also your lifestyle listening needs.

We are completely independent, which allows us to offer you the best advice without any bias towards a particular manufacturer.


Does the thought of having to change the batteries in your hearing aids fill you with dread? Well fear no more! Rechargeable hearing aids are fantastic for giving you an even easier hearing aid experience. Even better, we now have access to rechargeable custom hearing aids too!


For those of us who perhaps like a little more control or prefer to stream phone calls and music, most private hearing aids now have Bluetooth technology to allow you to connect them to your mobile phone! This gives you effortless phone calls as well as App control if you’d like it. Best of all, if you aren’t the techy type, we simply won’t utilise it! Remember, we are here to keep it as simple as possible for you.


There are many different styles of hearing aids, the style that is recommended to you will be based on a few elements, but your preference is the most important! From the most invisible Lyric hearing aid, to rechargeable behind the ear models there is something to suit everyone. We even have hearing aids that are waterproof and have health trackers such as heart rate, blood pressure and step trackers!


We pride ourselves on our excellent aftercare program. It’s important that you are seen regularly to maintain your hearing aids and your ears! The price of our hearing aids includes;  either a 5 or 3 year warranty, lifetime of aftercare including regular 6 monthly check ups, reassessment of your hearing every 18 months and access to our wax removal service.

Ear Wax Removal & Microsuction

It might just be ear wax!

Often, ear wax is the only reason someone is suffering from hearing loss. The ears often feel ‘full’ and the sounds around are dull. This can be removed easily and gently using a choice of methods usually without the need for prolonged treatment with olive oil.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is nature’s own way of cleaning the ears. It is produced by cerumen glands in the ear canal. It cleans and lubricates, stopping dirt and debris reaching deep inside the ear. Occasionally, the ear can become blocked, and the ear wax should then only be removed professionally with care.

Cleaning your ears

There is really no need to try and clean inside the ear and the use of cotton buds should be avoided. Cotton buds will usually make the build-up worse as most of the ear wax is pushed further into the ear. As the saying goes – you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!

Olive oil will help to soften the ear wax and help prepare it for removal but isn’t always necessary.

Ear wax removal

Our clinical team are HCPC registered, fully insured and professionally trained in all aspects of ear wax removal including;

  • Microsuction
    This is the preferred method of ear wax removal where we use a small vacuum to gently remove the ear wax without the need for syringing. We use a high powered ENT microscope to look into your ears as we remove any obstruction providing the highest standard of care possible.
  • Syringing or irrigation
    This is a more traditional method using water at body temperature that is gently ‘pulsed’ into the canal to remove the ear wax.
  • Instrumentation
    Here we use a variety of fine, specially designed tools to safely remove the ear wax. We are able to see the ear canal through the microscope as we go.
Our client experience

“Jo explained the procedure clearly and put me at my ease. I didn’t feel rushed and Jo was able to show me the ‘before and after’ results using a camera that put the images of my ears on the big screen! The chair was lovely and comfortable, my hearing was instantly improved! – Jackie”

The appointment can be booked online HERE or by clicking the button below.

PRICING: £70 Per Appointment (A charge of £25 will be incurred if there is no wax present. We recommend a FREE 5 min wax check in advance)


Tinnitus Support

Tinnitus is often described as a ringing in the ears, for some people it happens occasionally and for others it is constant.

We understand that suffering with tinnitus can be stressful and affect your day. We want to help each day be better for you so talk to us about your tinnitus issues and we can work together on finding you a suitable solution.

Please call our friendly team today by clicking contact us, below.

Ear Protection

If you are a regular swimmer or exposed to noise on a regular basis and want to protect your hearing, why not get in touch to find out how we can help you hear better for longer.

We offer a full range of custom made products including the following;

Shooting Plugs

We offer a range of bespoke ear protection for various activities including clay pigeon shooting. These are a custom made product designed to reduce the intensity of the gun shot sounds and protect the wearer

Motorcycle Plugs

Wind noise through an average helmet is enough to cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Whether it be custom ear protection or communication devices we can help.

Musicians Plugs

If you’re a lover of music, you’ll understand the importance of crystal-clear hearing. And thanks to our custom ear wear, listening to music has never sounded better. We’re here to help deliver emotion to the listening experience.

Swim Plugs

Our swim plugs give you a custom made seal that keeps water out of your ear whilst in the water. Ideal for regular swimmers and reduces the risk of ‘swimmers’ ear or ‘surfers’ ear.

“Why not let us help you begin your journey to better hearing today``

Jo, Managing Director & Audiologist

Hear what our customers have to say about us

Darren Chambers
Darren Chambers
Wow!!!!!! Just had wax removed in both ears , what an amazing experience from start to finish. Will was my consultant he was excellent what a loverly , thoughtful, thorough young man. The whole proceed was explained in detail and executed without any issues whatsoever. I can’t recommend this clinic enough and I have my hearing back which is the most important thing. Just want to say thank you very much to Will. I will most certainly use this service again , brilliant - 5 stars .
Mel Walton
Mel Walton
I went to Hear in Hagley this afternoon, I was very impressed with the friendly and professional service that I received. Would strongly recommend, and Will the you man that syringed my excellent. Many thanks once again.
John M. Rudd
John M. Rudd
Great experience, from booking to treatment. Friendly, helpful and efficient. Don’t hesitate to give them a try - excellent team.
Robert Dowty
Robert Dowty
Visited today for wax removal. Marie was very thorough, considerate & efficient. Excellent service thank you 😊
Catharine Jarvis
Catharine Jarvis
After a friendly welcome, Julia and her colleague made my Mother feel so at ease and made the whole experience a good one. Very impressed with the technology used and the professional way in which the treatment was explained and then carried out. Being able to hear again gave my Mum her smile back. Thank-you.
Carl Cooke
Carl Cooke
Needed some assistance today to check out a possible cotton bud incident . Visited the Hagley branch and was so impressed with the service and helpfulness of the receptionist and Julia. Thank you both for your understanding and professionalism. I would highly recommend their services.
Bernie Smith
Bernie Smith
Hear in Hagley changes lives for the better.The owner Jo Miller first fitted me with hearing aids when she worked at Boots in 2002.I was 49 at the time and a secondary head teacher struggling to hear clearly. She changed my life with Songbird hearing aids Yesterday at her own shop in Hagley, where I happen to live she fitted my latest aids. Now 68 years old the technology is even more amazing .Her aftercare has over 20 years been first class .Thank you Jo Miller.I recommend her to you without reservation.
Andy Hogarth
Andy Hogarth
My first time ever of having a hearing test, I came here having had a friends recommendation. I'd heard various horror stories about other providers and so was slightly wary initially. However it was a great experience, a lot of explanation of what was happening and what it meant put me very much at ease. Very friendly staff I'd highly recommend them.
Carol Walton
Carol Walton
I was most impressed with my visit for a routine hearing test. Will was very pleasant and explained clearly the results of my test and answered any initial concerns I had which put my mind at ease. I would recommend 100%
Rich Davis
Rich Davis
Having had trouble with my hearing for some time and not getting anywhere with my GP. I went to Hear in Hagley to see what they could do. I can not recommend them enough. Jo and her team are very professional with a caring family feel. Good clear information and advice was given but always leaving you feeling in control of your choices. I am glad I found them. It's made such a difference. 100% recommend.