It’s so good to know that there is somewhere I can go to in the future for a quick, easy and friendly ear service.

My hearing is better than ever, in fact, I didn’t realise how loud I actually was!

Thank you so much!

I was suffering one ear completely blocked with wax, and as a retired broadcast sound supervisor I am particularly sensitive to hearing discomfort. At ‘Hear in Hagley’ the wax was removed very efficiently by microsuction, with Jo explaining the process throughout. I certainly recommend ‘Hear in Hagley’ for any hearing problem. Five Stars. Excellent.

I visited “Hear in Hagley” earlier today and despite the restrictions due to Covid-19, I was put at my ease and found the whole procedure relaxing and very easy.

Jo explained exactly what was going to happen before the treatment began and to be able to see what the problem was in both ears (wax) on the screen was really interesting.

The actual removal of the wax was painless and soothing and I can now hear everything my husband says once again. It was excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend “Hear in Hagley” to anyone with hearing problems.

If I ever needed to write a reference for Jo at Hear in Hagley, it would be of the highest order. If you read this and feel you have problems hearing book an appointment. Like for me, for you it could be life changing.

I look forward to returning for the preparation for fitting and then getting the new aids with six month follow up appointments

Jo has all the latest hearing technology, expert knowledge and is as friendly as ever!

No surprise to me that Jo now has her own business (Hear in Hagley) with her friendly team Cath and Diane!No surprise to me that Jo now has her own business (Hear in Hagley) with her friendly team Cath and Diane!

When they were put in Jo scrunched a piece of paper and put it in the bin, the sound was amazing!

Jo’s assessment and fitting of hearing aids, truly was life changing for me.

What a professional service I received and how impressed I was during my visit for wax removal