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We have all experienced changes and challenges over the last few months but one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of service you will receive at Hear in Hagley. You will enjoy the warm welcome with a smile (even behind the mask!), state of the art wax removal and testing equipment and both a professional and experienced approach to hearing care, all within a safe environment following strict, government and professional guidelines.

We are a dedicated, family owned, independent hearing and earcare practice with strict hygiene procedures in place. We are in a relaxed village location with our own private parking and a restriction over the number of clients who enter the building at any one time, so no need to worry about being in amongst busy shopping centres or waiting areas. We are confident that we offer one of the friendliest and safest practices in the Midlands.

Our excellent customer care is fundamental to our success. Hearing loss can be very isolating to the sufferer and frustrating for family and friends. We are here to help you rediscover those everyday sounds by really listening to your needs with patience and understanding.

Hear in Hagley is able to offer a full range of ‘face to face’ appointments including;

  • Full Hearing Assessments
  • Ear Wax Removal using microsuction
  • Video Otoscopy to check the condition of your ears and give you the opportunity to look inside your own ears!
  • Hearing aid consultations
  • Supply and fit the latest in Hearing aid technology
  • Hearing aid servicing and repairs

We are currently operating the clinic by appointment only and cannot accept ‘walk-ins’. All appointments will be taken by phone

Jo, Diane and Cath look forward to seeing you!

If you require further information call 01562 884400 or email

Better hearing made simple

Welcome to Lifestyle Hearing Solutions

Jo Miller is the owner of Lifestyle Hearing Solutions and the independent hearing specialist clinic, ‘Hear in Hagley’. Jo has over 30 years’ Audiological experience both in the NHS and also with leading high st hearingcare providers. She actually started out wanted to be a Cardiologist but during her studies she had a placement in Audiology and knew it was the only career for her. With an extreme passion for customer care and client well-being, she has a strong desire to provide excellent and appropriate hearing care to anyone who needs it. Jo has an experienced, calming and incredible approach to hearing care which has been commented on by many grateful patients over her many years in the profession. Her daughter Sophie is also an audiologist and is helping to ensure great hearingcare stays in the family!


Following the recent government announcement about a lockdown in England, we wanted to reassure you that we are classed as an essential service. Our Audiology clinics will remain open, if you have any concerns about the services we offer please contact our friendly team.

We are committed to keeping our teams safe but our first priority is always you, your loved ones and your hearing. It is important to keep your medical appointments during the lockdown period and ensure your health is optimised at all times. We do not want you to worry about your appointment so please rest assured that all Covid protocols will be adhered to at all times.

If you have any concerns about your appointment or would like to make a appointment with us to prioritise your hearing journey with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you and will still be smiling behind the mask!

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“Your journey to better hearing starts here”

Jo, Director & Clinical Lead

We specialise in Audiology and Patient Care

It is important to us that you have a clear understanding of your hearing care journey.

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  • FREE Hearing Test
  • FREE Aftercare
  • FREE Servicing
  • Hearing Aids with 60-Day money back guarantee
  • 6-Month Hearing Reviews
  • Up to 5 Year warranty for hearing aids
  • 125 Worcester Rd, Hagley, West Midlands, DY9 0NW
  • 01562 884400 / 07483 157011

Better Hearing Made Simple

Please contact the practice if the date/time you are looking for is unavailable, we may be able to help

  • 01562 884400 / 07483 157011

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