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What To Look For When Choosing a Hearing Company

What To Look For When Choosing a Hearing Company

Date: 15th February 2023 | By: lifestyle

If you’re suffering with hearing loss, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 1.5 billion people live with hearing issues. The WHO predicts that this could rise to over 2.5 billion by 2050. Why? Because more people are neglecting their hearing health. But choosing a hearing company can help you do something about it. Here are some tips for choosing the right audiologist.

We understand. Coming to terms with hearing loss can be difficult. You might look at it as a sign that you’re getting old, but loss of hearing is not just an age-related issue. In fact, a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reveals that more than 1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss.

But you don’t have to suffer in silence. Accepting that you need help with your hearing health is the first step. Then, you can choose a hearing company that can help you do something about the problem.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Hearing Company?

The best place to start is online. A simple search engine query like ‘hearing company near me’ will present you with a list of audiologists in your area. That said, the one listed at the top of the search engine listings isn’t necessarily the right one for your hearing issue. However, it could be ideal, but you should investigate further.

What Am I Looking For?

Independent Audiologist

An independent hearing company, like our Hear in Hagley, Hear in Wombourne and Hear in Rubery clinics, offer a level of personal service that can’t often be provided by chain-based companies. Much of an independent audiologist’s client base is built on recommendations and referrals from customers who have benefitted from their services.

Level of Service

Any hearing company worth their salt will do the following, and do them well:

  • Listen – talking about your hearing loss can be emotional. You need an audiologist that listens to your concerns, reassures you, and understands your medical history.
  • Evaluate – you might think you’re suffering hearing loss, but it could be that you just need excess ear wax removing. A top-level audiologist will investigate the problem. If it is indeed hearing loss, an audiologist can test your hearing using the latest technology to find the right solution for you.
  • Recommendations – your hearing needs are unique to you. That’s why it’s important to choose a hearing company that can recommend a personal treatment plan that matches your lifestyle and your budget.
  • After care – a hearing company that schedules regular follow-ups is a service that cares. If you have to use hearing aids, your audiologist will ensure that your new device is comfortable and working as it should. You might also benefit from a hearing company that allows you to spread the cost of your hearing care.

Customer Reviews

Last but not least, does your potential hearing company have good feedback from previous clients? You can find feedback on leading hearing companies on social media platforms like Facebook and Google reviews. Our ‘Hear In’ clinics have plenty of 5-star reviews to give you the reassurance that your hearing health is in safe hands with us.

Choosing a hearing company based on customer reviews.





What Our ‘Hear In’ Clinics Offer

To give you the best in hearing health, here’s what we offer:

  • FREE Hearing Assessments
  • FREE Aftercare
  • FREE Servicing
  • Hearing Aids with 60-Day money back guarantee
  • 6-Month Hearing Reviews
  • Up to 5 Year warranty for hearing aids

Do something about your hearing health today. Reach out to us now.