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Should You Wear Hearing Aids All The Time?

Should You Wear Hearing Aids All The Time?

Date: 24th January 2023 | By: lifestyle

Definitely. You should wear hearing aids as much as you can during your daily routine. It can sometimes take your brain a few months to adjust to hearing devices. To get the best out of them, you need to wear them regularly. Sure, they take some getting used to. But you got them to help with your hearing, not to sit on the bedside table.

What You Need To Know

  • Hearing aids are designed for regular wear. Use them as part of your daily routine
  • Having said that, don’t wear hearing aids when showering, swimming or an activity that creates excess noise – like drying your hair (unless your aids are designed for this)
  • Remember to charge your hearing aids when you’re not wearing them. They’re no good to you without battery power
  • Hearing aids can last a number of years but typically wearers look to replace their hearing aids at around 4 or 5 years
  • Wearing two hearing aids is better than wearing one

Why Should You Wear Hearing Aids All The Time?

To Improve Your Quality of Life

Stimulating your brain with great hearing can really improve your quality of life. With hearing loss you have to concentrate on everyday conversation, TV etc... significantly more than someone with normal hearing. This can be extremely tiring.

Often, people with hearing loss will turn the TV up to an uncomfortable level for others with little improvement for themselves as volume doesn’t always mean clarity.

The right hearing solution can make things sharper and clearer without the need for more volume and keep the neighbours happy.

Prevent Other Illnesses

There are a lot of studies and content circulating about hearing loss and its association with other illnesses, the most concerning of which is cognitive decline.

According to an Oxford University study in 2021, those people with hearing loss are more likely to develop cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s or Dementia). With this in mind, don’t underestimate how important your hearing aids are to your general health and mental well-being.

Good for Your Social Life

Not only do hearing aids give you a better quality of life physically, but they make your social life easier too. Don’t let hearing loss steal the joy of conversations with friends and family. If you don’t wear your hearing aids, you might miss part of the discussion and find yourself asking people to repeat themselves. This can get awkward.

It can cause you to withdraw into yourself and exclude yourself socially, which can lead to other health problems.

Equally, you might be thinking to yourself ‘I’d never wear my hearing aids in a social setting’, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There are plenty of stylish hearing devices that are completely discreet or look like a great fashion accessory.

I Can Just Wear One Hearing Aid, Right?

You can if you’re only experiencing hearing loss in one ear and your other ear is functioning normally. However, hearing loss is more common in both ears, especially if it's age related. For the brain to separate speech from noise it really needs information coming from both sides.

Aren’t Hearing Aids Uncomfortable to Wear?

They can sometimes take a little getting used to for sure. However, choosing the right hearing aid provider will play a big part in getting the best solution for you. Hearing aids are a life adjustment, but in the pursuit of preserving your hearing for years to come, they are worth it for your well-being.

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