When you choose to invest time and effort into getting new hearing aids you will want to get a better lifestyle where you don’t miss parts of the conversation too. Once you have actively decided to hear better you can start travelling more and interacting more with others again without worrying about being left out.

When you are travelling away from home and exposing yourself to different environments where it can be warm, humid or wet, you should be prepared to look after your hearing aids and care for them as best you can whilst on the move.

It is important to understand that your hearing aids are an electrical device and need different care based on the environment that they are in. It is also important that you think ahead and make sure that you have everything you need to ensure that you can hear at your best all of the time, wherever you are.

We support all of our clients in travelling safely whether that be locally or further afield. We often give tips to clients to make sure that they are fully prepared to enjoy their trips away.
We thought we would share some of these tips with you so that you can get the most out of your hearing if you are thinking of travelling or visiting warm, wet or humid environments in the near future.

If you require any further advice on what you should take with you when you travel or how best to care for your hearing aid, please call our Hear in Hagley or Hear in Wombourne team and we will be happy to help.

Plan ahead
When you are packing or thinking about what to take with you on your travels (even if it is just for a day trip), make sure you are prepared for every environment. If your hearing aid has a carry pouch it can be a good idea to take this with you in case you need to take them out at any point or just to keep them safe at night if they do not require leaving in a charger. Make sure you pack enough batteries and any cleaning tools you have been given, to make sure that your hearing aids are in the best condition they can be in all of the time.

Don’t get them wet
If you are doing any outdoor sports where you may sweat, you accidentally wear them in the shower or you get caught in the rain, it is a good idea to plan ahead for these things and make sure that you protect your hearing aids.
You can check the weather and use an umbrella if it is expected to rain and you can also protect your hearing aid from ingress of debris or sweat with things like sweatbands. A lot of the modern products are already offering some form of protection in the devices themselves but your hearing care professional can advise you on this.

What to do if you do get them wet
If you do get your hearing aids wet it can be a good idea to take a drying box with you, we stock these at Hear in Hagley and at Hear in Wombourne if you would like to purchase one. These help to draw moisture out of the hearing aid once they have come into contact with water and it can be a good preventative measure to keep your hearing aids in one of these of an evening anyway.

Dry your ears
Before you put your hearing aids in, if you have been swimming for example or just got out of the shower make sure that your ears are as dry as possible so that the hearing aids are going into a safe and clean environment and you have the best chance of them not being blocked and they can continue to work as you would expect.

Keep a small towel handy
Keep a small microfibre towel or some tissues to hand if you are away from your home so that you can keep your hearing aids dry and clean.

If you are going swimming, you may choose not to wear your hearing aids for fear of getting them wet. If you suffer from recurrent ear infections or have ear wax problems you may wish to purchase some swim plugs from us, please ask for more information. Your hearing professional can advise you on activities you should be careful with depending on the type of hearing aid you have.

Wherever you are travelling make sure that you are prepared and that your hearing aids are never going to let you down because you have thought ahead. This will help with stress levels and ensure that you can just carry on with your day, not having to think about your hearing all of the time because you have everything with you ready to go.

Our hearing team are advising clients daily on how to care for the hearing aids in the home and when travelling so please feel free to give us a call and speak to us about any of your hearing care needs, whether you have a hearing aid currently or think you may need one.

Here is a shining example of one of our real clients who experienced life changing hearing care from our team. You can read more of our reviews throughout our website or please get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

What was your hearing like before you decided to seek expert advice from Jo at Hear in Hagley?

“Before being referred to Jo, I struggled to hear on a daily basis especially on the phone. Face to face interactions were difficult but I became comfortable with lip reading and am extremely good at it.

Due to the recent pandemic and masks being worn, lip reading then became difficult, so I struggled even more so recently. More often than not, people were polite if I missed something and would repeat themselves instantly and clearly, but on occasions when people were not, I can only describe it as a gut wrenching feeling when you cannot hear and someone is visually irritated to have to repeat themselves. It affected my confidence and social interaction. It can also make you feel excluded although that is not anyone’s intention.”

How did this make you feel?

“Being deaf at such a young age is emotionally draining. Sometimes it feels as though people are in disbelief because of your age or job or what you look like. They have difficulty understanding how it feels to have a disability out of your control.

Due to embarrassment during social interactions, I held back. Fear of misunderstanding the topic and saying something silly. It affects confidence and relationships daily.”

How did you feel about background noise and conversations prior to visiting Jo at Hear in Hagley?

“It’s exhausting and it was hard. I could only use the phone in public areas with hands free connected. I also work full time on a busy ward as I’m a Nursing Associate. Patient handover is usually taken in a quiet environment, but anything can happen in a hospital setting. Therefore, sometimes background noise affected my ability to hear and I would have to ask for repeats to clarify information.”

What made you choose Hear in Hagley for your hearing care support?

“I was referred by a friend who said they knew a good Audiologist called Jo. She gave me a card and explained how lovely she is, so I took the chance even though I knew I could not really afford private care. I am a single parent currently studying a full-time degree. But at this stage and feeling exhausted with it I gave Jo a call.”

What were your first impressions on your visit to Hear in Hagley?

“When I arrived at Hear in Hagley I was greeted by Jo and Diane. They we so friendly and welcoming. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. Demonstrating understanding and compassion with their kind communication skills, I didn’t have to ask for repeats. Also, very clean and professional they followed all government guidelines regarding coronavirus. I felt in safe hands.”

What would you say made you the happiest about working with Jo?

“Jo is very easy to talk to. She has immaculate communication skills, even with the hard of hearing such as me.

She made me feel comfortable with kindness and I felt she empowered me due to sharing her knowledge. She is very professional and due to her friendliness, I felt like I had known her years. Her confidence made me feel confident and safe with the care provided.

I have had hearing tests in the past from high street retailers but no empathy or kindness was shown. Neither was any advice or guidance given on what to do next. So, I felt lost, falling through the net. I feel like meeting Jo was life changing and has been emotional for me.

She was very clear when explaining the assessment process. Showing empathy and compassion throughout she also demonstrated exactly how she was going to help, and we can improve my hearing immediately. Her service is compassionate also efficient and effective.”

What has changed and what have you achieved since visiting Hear in Hagley?

“On leaving with my new hearing aids only one week later, it was extremely overwhelming. Stepping outside of Hear in Hagley I could hear passer by conversations and I could hear beyond people’s masks without trying, and tears fell from my eyes immediately I sobbed like a baby walking to my car.

I drove home quite emotional listening to some of my favourite music. I headed for the park straight away and I stood and listened to the birds. A huge sigh of relief came over me, the past few years have been hard and draining feeling lost but I was also very emotional at the fact I didn’t realise how deaf I was. Doing very well in my GSCE’s and A/Levels I didn’t realise how much my hearing was deteriorating in my 20’s until recent lectures at University.

I didn’t realise all the beautiful sounds I missed out on. When I arrived home. I heard my cat meow loudly for the first time. That made me laugh and cry at the same time. But the most amazing and difficult moment was picking up my daughter from school that day. I heard her sweet voice so clearly say “Hi Mommy” and it made me cry.

My daughter no longer must repeat herself and I feel like we can enjoy family time such as reading and games better as I have super mommy hearing. The hearing aids are so powerful I can hear patients call me from the next room on a busy ward and I don’t miss anything during telephone conversation. I also join in social interactions more it has boosted my confidence. They are so advanced my mobile phone is connected to the aids. Jo has helped me immensely both personally and professionally. She really changed my life for the better and I’ll never forget how she has treated me. “

What has exceeded your expectations since working with Hear in Hagley?

“The standard of care and professionalism. I would recommend Jo to anyone I come across in need of this service without hesitation.”

What about the business surprised you the most?

“How friendly and compassionate they are due to experience with the high street retailer I tried. They exceeded my expectations in every way. Also, the level of kindness and empathy shown was impacting on me and my family when I described experience with Jo to others. Hear in Hagley is highly effective and efficient and compassionate.”

What is the main reason you would recommend Hear in Hagley to others?

“Jo is extremely professional demonstrating understanding and expert knowledge but also very compassionate. I felt confident and safe with Jo’s service. I’ll forever be grateful, and I’m deeply overwhelmed with her kindness. She’s one of a kind.”

For more client testimonials and real life hearing reviews take a look around the rest of our website or contact us here

Have you often sat there with the television turned up and wondered why you can’t hear it very well when you used to cope just fine?

Have you struggled to hear on the phone whilst you have been at home more and become frustrated?

Have you found that subtitles on the television help more than they used to?

Have you started to realise how many times you say pardon or fill in the blanks in conversations, sometimes incorrectly?

We have all done it, so you shouldn’t feel bad, these are all signs that our hearing is changing over time and it is actually very normal as we progress through life. Changes to your hearing are just part of the privilege of being alive so we should embrace them and see them as part of our quality of life. These changes don’t need to be detrimental to the way we would like to live our day-to-day lives either, in fact, quite the opposite.

As part of our daily routine and our communication with others, it is often essential to prioritise methods of communication in order to stay connected and feel happy. If you are lucky enough to have your hearing as a sense, it is important to prioritise it and make the most of it. Here at Hear in Hagley, we deal with patients every single day who are experiencing changes to their hearing. The very fact that they are sat in front of us is incredibly empowering because it means they have made the decision to start or continue their hearing journey. On top of this, they have made an informed and educated decision to come to a highly qualified professional to seek advice.

When you are looking to get yourself in top condition and you prioritise good hearing care, you can look forward to an improved quality of life, lower cognitive decline and less fatigue. Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel a little less tired sometimes and have to concentrate on daily activities less?

It is important to remember that you do not have to have any prior knowledge of your hearing or hearing aids before coming to see a professional – that is what we are here for! It can be a minefield out there with online hearing prices, the high street stores and finding a starting point to get better hearing as soon as possible. We are fully equipped to advise you in an unbiased and independent way on the best route for your hearing care.

Jo and the team will never recommend a hearing solution for you if we do not feel it is appropriate for you or your lifestyle. Excellent hearing care is not about the hearing aid on its own, it is about how you wish to live your life and your needs not just about the technology that sits on or in your ears.

As an independent, family owned business we have every single option available to you from every hearing solution manufacturer but the start of all of this begins with you, your lifestyle and your needs which we always prioritise.

If you would like to discover more about how you can hear better outdoors but more importantly at the moment, in your home please get in touch we would love to have a friendly chat with you about how you can move forward and hear better today.

At Hear in Hagley we are focused on our client outcomes and their overall lifestyle, not just what is happening with their hearing.

This is what makes us incredibly different to any of the retail and high street providers. Every person in our team has been carefully selected (and COVID vaccinated by the way), to always be patient and client centred.

This means that rather than looking at just a hearing prescription, we look at the person as a whole. Ultimately this means that you, the client, get the best possible outcome for your hearing and lifestyle overall so that you can live your life as you wish to.

We speak to our clients on a regular basis and also offer them hearing reviews every six months which is something that a lot of high street stores are now not offering as part of a commitment to ongoing care.

These checks are integral to further changes in your hearing and especially during the pandemic, these allow you to hear better in the home and in challenging environments whilst also staying connected to your friends, family and loved ones.

Our client centric attitude means that your hearing journey is far more straightforward with us because you are not being dictated to or sold to.

The whole process is a relationship between you as the client and our professional team.

From start to finish you will feel at ease, safe and in expert hands because we have everything in place to make your hearing journey something that is absolutely life changing

We thought it would be a good time to share some of our client’s thoughts when they initially came into see us. These are things that our clients were thinking before they started their hearing care with us and before they had been provided with the right hearing aids for THEM.

We have also included some comments from people who have started the hearing solution journey with us and noted what they remember from the process.

These are important to be aware of, if you are thinking of finding a hearing solution because this is a long-term journey that will keep you connected to the world, it is not just about a quick fix.

We will work together on an ongoing basis to make sure that your hearing allows you to remain part of the conversation and never hold you back ever again.

“I had forgotten what I was missing without full hearing”
Your hearing changes over time and you gradually adapt to not hearing as well as you used to, by developing coping mechanisms and reframing the way things sound. When we start to give you two good signals from your ears to your brain again, the reintroduction of some sounds can be a real contrast to what you have been used to.

This is all perfectly normal though and being reminded of all of the rich sounds of life can be uplifting and utterly lifechanging for you and those around you.

“It reconnected me to my loved ones”
It can be just as frustrating for those around you as it can be for you sometimes, when you are struggling to hear at your best. Connection to others, now more than ever before, is so incredibly important. The need to speak on the phone, hear the television and radio and communicate at a distance all require you to prioritise your hearing health care.

“It took some time to get used to the hearing aids but it was so worth it”
When you first get your hearing solution from us, it takes a period of acclimatisation for you to hear at your full capacity. We will guide you through this and you will find that you will be less fatigued and be able to get on with your daily life. Some people adapt faster than others but the important thing is to remember to be patient and trust us as the specialists – we will get you to where you need to be from every aspect.

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get my hearing solution!”
We hear this one all the time! People catastrophise and over think health related issues when in reality, we deal with this every single day and its often incredibly straight forward when you choose to work with us.
Your hearing loss is often progressive so the sooner you take action and find a solution, the more hearing you are likely to have for us to work with. Taking early action can give you the best chance of having better hearing for longer.

If you would like to stay young and hear better this year please get in touch with our friendly team at Hear in Hagley. We have everything you need and more, we offer wax removal and hearing tests using all of the latest equipment in a light and airy clinic where your safety is always put first.


We are all trying to make the most of our lives and remember that feeling of youth and freedom where possible. With the current pandemic, it can be difficult to remember what life is really about sometimes and how we can find joy in the little things.

As we age, our bodies and mindset change and adapt based on circumstances and general daily life. Some people see the ageing process as something negative, associating it with cognitive decline and a general slowing down of life.

At Hear in Hagley we believe that this does not need to apply to your hearing and we have the evidence to show you why.

Yes, we are all going to age physically but that does not mean that you have to slow down your enjoyment in life, quite the opposite! Hearing aids are not a sign of weakness, old-age or decline! In fact, our evidence shows that hearing aids can allow you to live your life to the full, as you wish and people will actually compliment you on the fact that you remain part of the conversation and don’t act like you struggle to hear in a busy environment.

Now, we can’t give you new ears but what we can give you is a new outlook on life and a pleasure and joy found in every day moments again. If your hearing has declined over time you have probably found that you have lost some of the joy in your everyday activities. For example, listening to music, watching the television at a volume that is suitable for others in the room and hearing the birds sing when you go out walking or open a window in your home.

Hearing children can be particularly challenging along with hearing speech in background noise. These are all perfectly normal environments to struggle to hear in but there are solutions available to you that allow you to revive your hearing again and hear much better. We cannot provide miracles as we said but we can give you a wonderful quality of life if you work with us over time.

You have to remember that if your hearing has declined over a number of years your brain needs to re-learn how to work with two good signal inputs again. We are born with two ears for a reason and therefore most people have a pair of hearing aids to allow them to localise sound correctly i.e., where a reversing bus is coming from for example.

There is so much technical and clinical advice that is needed from a hearing care professional such as Jo who is the Director here at Hear in Hagley, to allow you to select the correct technology and have the most precise fitting possible for your hearing aids. It is imperative if you select somebody like us at Hear in Hagley, that you make the most of your hearing so that you can continue to live your life as you want to.

Hearing devices these days are extremely discreet when your hearing loss allows it, obviously the longer you leave it to take action, the larger the hearing aid may need to be to meet your needs.

You can select your colour to match your skin tone or hair and select a specific form factor or custom style that suits your lifestyle. Hearing devices and solutions can hear and adapt to the environment that you are in these days, for example in the car when people speak behind you. When in the car, the devices are intelligent enough to know what engine noise sounds like and prioritise the speech instead. They can be connected to an invisible web of external solutions to allow you to hear your phone and television throughout your household. They can adapt to the way you move and certain models have very clever technology in that allows you to tap the hearing aids to create a command or detect if you have had a fall. The technology now is incredible and certainly not what it used to be in the past.

Our selection of latest technology, discreet hearing aids can keep you young by allowing you to remain part of the conversation, hear things around you that you wish to hear, keep your relationships strong, allow you to be active and stay cognitively aware of everything around you. You can have all this and choose a style that will make it really easy to wear a mask or face covering too.

If you would like to stay young and hear better this year please get in touch with our friendly team at Hear in Hagley. We have everything you need and more, we offer wax removal and hearing tests using all of the latest equipment in a light and airy clinic where your safety is always put first.


After a very challenging year for us all, we want to wish all of our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you are yet to come and see us at Hear in Hagley please get in touch, as we would love to help you hear better in 2021 and beyond!

We have been inundated with hearing test and ear wax removal appointments for the New Year already so please get in touch with Cath or Diane at our Hagley branch.. to avoid waiting.

You may already know that we have a dedicated clinic in Hagley with all of the latest equipment, private parking and a light and airy space for you to visit us with full COVID safety protection measures in place.

We want you to feel comfortable coming to see us and we are very much looking forward to seeing you again if you are already a client of ours or meeting you in person if you are coming to us for the first time.

Please don’t sit there worrying or deliberating about your hearing care, we will put you at ease and ensure that you start to hear at your best so that you can just get on with your daily life and prioritise enjoyment in every moment.

We are looking forward to seeing you over the festive period, please call us using the contact link HERE to get your priority hearing test or ear wax removal appointment in January.

See you soon!
The Hear in Hagley team

The festive period may feel slightly different this year but we know from experience that people will still struggle to hear conversation with family members whilst we are all having to find alternative ways to make memories together.

We have been inundated with enquires from people needing help with their hearing in the last few weeks ahead of the festive period. Lots of clients needing either hearing tests or wax removal due to feeling ‘blocked up’.

As a result we are very happy to welcome our new member of the clinical team. Julia joins us at Hear in Hagley to support our clients requiring wax removal to help them hear better with more confidence.

Julia wanted to join Hear in Hagley due to the exceptional reputation of the clinic. With an extensive customer care background, Julia wanted to further her career as a Hearing Health Practitioner which we were very excited about.

..“When I first visited Hear in Hagley, I was impressed by how clean and professional the environment was with welcoming, approachable staff. I was keen to become part of this.”

For a little background, a typical customer for us at the clinic would still be quite active with hobbies such as golf, walking and normally activity clubs and travelling. Julia and the rest of the team enjoy being outdoors and walking (with four legged furry friends or otherwise!).

..“When choosing a hearing care professional, people should choose us because of the exceptional customer care and professional service provided by all the staff members. Nothing is too much trouble and it is clear this is very important to us all.”

We also spoke to Jo, our Director and she said that it was a big step to take on a new employee during such uncertain times but with a growing business it was important to be able to provide the very best care to our customers as efficiently as possible. Julia has exactly the right attitude and personality to do just that! This role requires patience, empathy and the ability to put our clients at ease, Julia has this and more.

..“She has really fitted into the team well and the customers love her. We are lucky to have her to support the ever-growing wax removal business and provide the excellent standard of care that our clients deserve. It is important that we look after our clients in the safest possible way but with a relaxed feel. The team at Hagley is exceptional and now complete!”

To find out if your hearing loss is just wax or to get your FREE hearing test, contact Cath or Diane at our Hagley branch on 01562 884400
Book in to see us by phoning, emailing or booking online via this website
Our address is: 125 Worcester Road, Hagley, Stourbridge, DY9 ONW

Following the recent government announcement about a lockdown in England, we wanted to reassure you that we are classed as an essential service. Our Audiology clinics will remain open, if you have any concerns about the services we offer please contact our friendly team.

We are committed to keeping our teams safe but our first priority is always you, your loved ones and your hearing. It is important to keep your medical appointments during the lockdown period and ensure your health is optimised at all times. We do not want you to worry about your appointment so please rest assured that all Covid protocols will be adhered to at all times.

If you have any concerns about your appointment or would like to make a appointment with us to prioritise your hearing journey with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you and will still be smiling behind the mask!

At some point in our lives we have all experienced difficulty with hearing other people, especially in noisy social situations. For some of us this can affect our quality of life and therefore also the important moments that matter to us and make our life special.

In order to live life to the full we need to ensure that our senses are well looked after where possible.

As we get older our hearing can deteriorate and this is a process misunderstood by many. Once you have noticed your hearing has changed and you are perhaps turning the volume up on the TV or adding in subtitles more often than you were it is important to get expert advice. There are simple and effective ways to improve your hearing if you take action sooner rather than later.

A fully qualified and experienced Audiologist will ensure that you have regular hearing checks to make sure that your lifestyle and quality of life is not affected day to day.

There are three main reasons it is important to have regular hearing checks.

1. You will improve your quality of life from day one

Taking action and improving your hearing through hearing aids can take the strain off relationships and ensure that you can engage in social situations without a hitch. Struggling to hear in a noisy environment can cause people to step back and be less involved in every day life so using hearing aids and hearing better in social situations can take the pressure off everybody all round. If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding or an important meeting hearing aids can vastly improve your experience on the day and ensure that you remain part of the conversation.

2. You will be investing in your future

Hearing technology today, is excellent. The technology available for your ears is far too superior to that that you may have seen in the past or remember from your younger years. Now you can have discreet, digital, clever latest technology hearing aids that don’t hinder your every day life in fact they improve it. If you can change your mindset to view your hearing as an investment in your future you will start to prioritise your health the relationships around you and your social active life.

3. You will be less tired and happier

When you are struggling to hear it can be tiring and give you headaches or similar symptoms. You may not realise how hard you have to work to hear someone in a social situation when it is noisy. Many people start to shy away from social situations so as not to appear like they are struggling to hear when actually it is very simple to get help and improve your hearing straightaway. When you are less tired and not having to work so hard to hear in every situation, we find that people are far happier with their lives in general and can continue building memories with loved ones with ease.

When you start to look for support on your hearing journey make sure you choose the correct professional for your lifestyle and someone who prioritises the outcomes of your hearing care. If you are visiting a retail chain on the High Street make sure that regular hearing checks are included in the after-care they offer. It can also be important to check the warranty given with the hearing technology you choose for example at here in Hagley we offer a five and a three year warranty but some of the retail stores will offer less.

For 6 monthly, regular hearing checks and up to 5 year warranties on hearing technology, contact us today.

To find out if your hearing loss is just wax or to get your FREE hearing test, contact Cath or Diane at our Hagley branch on 01562 884400

We look forward to hearing from you!


Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is one of a kind and our Clinical lead Audiologist, Jo, understands this more than most people. This is because nature has designed the shape of your ear to perfectly capture the sounds around you. ReSound ONE has M&RIE (Microphone and Receiver-In-Ear) technology which you don’t need to worry about (we will handle all the technical stuff for you!) but it delivers a new class of hearing aid with a third microphone inside your ear, so you can collect the whole sound, just as nature intended. Exciting technology!

It also has direct audio streaming and industry-leading rechargeable battery life which helps truly keep you connected to people and technology to become one with your world. At Hear in Hagley we use your lifestyle to maximise your hearing, we want you to be able to live your life worry free.

The new products have extensive connectivity to adapt to your needs and allow you to stay part of your world every second of the day.

They are designed for ultimate comfort, discretion and performance too with lots of options for you to choose from and recommendations made by our team at Hear in Hagley as you go along.


ReSound ONE offers excellent rechargeable battery life for well over a day of worry-free use. For added flexibility, two different charger options serve as stylish, portable and protective cases, ideal for traveling and storage. You can choose the Premium Charger with an onboard battery for up to three days of quick charging on the go, without the need for a power outlet, or the smaller Standard Charger that gives you all the power you need in a small elegant design.


ReSound ONE comes in a variety of colours to blend with hair and skin tones, so you can wear it with confidence. We can advise you on these but you won’t be disappointed. Built for ultimate comfort and adaptability, the modern styling of ReSound ONE has just one touchpoint on the back of the ear and sits lower for greater discretion. It’s available from us in three models but Jo will talk you through the benefits of each of these and recommend one based on your hearing test and lifestyle.


ReSound ONE adapts to your lifestyle connecting you to the world around you with direct audio streaming from iPhone or Android smartphones. One-tap sound adjustments on your ReSound Smart 3D™ app and a versatile range of wireless accessories give you even more options to connect to the sounds you enjoy every day, like your favourite TV program. We can’t wait for you to tell us what you like to do in your free time so that we can help you make the most of it through better hearing.


On some occasions, it is possible to have face-to-face fitting sessions from the comfort of your home. Simply answer the incoming call from your hearing care professional on your iPhone or Android smartphone and get fine-tuning adjustments made live during your appointment. You can ask us more about how and when we offer this service at Hear in Hagley by contacting us today.


ReSound ONE with ground breaking microphone technology is the first hearing aid with three microphones, including one in the ear, to use your ear’s natural ability to collect the information your brain needs to make sense of sound.


All Access Directionality gives you access to all the sounds around you, putting you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on – not your hearing aids.


Like an invisible beam of sound detection, a clever feature called Ultra Focus lets you decide when to concentrate on the speech in front of you while minimising background noise – even in the toughest environments.

There is so much more to tell you! Please get in touch with our friendly team at Hear in Hagley to find our more or to book your appointment.